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The Importance of Relaxation

01 Jun, 2022

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.

– Sydney J. Harris

I only recently found this quote (for this post actually), but man, it’s so appropriate. Right now I’m in Georgia for a much needed vacation, a nice break from my usual habitation and also a perfect reprieve from the usual day-to-day. The thing is though, I probably wouldn’t have taken a vacation like this due to wanting to save vacation days, cost, etc. But, sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Knowing When to Rest

I feel like in this day and age it can be very difficult to find time to rest, or in some cases even think about it. Especially when we’ve always been told to work hard, keep our nose to the grindstone and make that money. The thing is though, what are we making that money for? Most of us are making the money so we can retire and rest and not have to worry about life. If that’s the case, why not set aside a bit here and there to catch those glimpses of rest?

Obviously, spending all of your savings for a vacation is a little bit irresponsible. But if you have the means, save up and take a little break. Our bodies are not made to work all the time, and it’s been proven that rest revitalizes the body and mind.

I think all of this is quite obvious, but I just wanted to briefly remind both you and myself that we can’t neglect what our body needs. For me, I was getting so fed up with work, I had about 220 PTO hours saved up, and I was consistently not feeling motivated or content going to work recently. It then occurred to me that that’s what vacations are for. Reset your mind, rest your body and relieve your soul of its burdens. So I took two weeks off. And honestly, it’s about the best thing I could have done I think.

Yay to rest and relaxation!

kenizl86 out!