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Tampalander - Alternative 7 Point Highlander List for MTG

4 May, 2024

Seven Point Highlander is a fun format, but the points list curated at is unfortunately geared towards a metagame and ecosystem that simply isn't a thing here in good ol' Florida. So, seeing as Tampa is a well-known location in Florida, I figured I'd begin to curate a points list for my own metagame (namely me and my friend) called "Tampalander". We still limit to 7 Points however.

The main differences between this list and the list the Aussie's use are that the points are more evenly spread, most cards are pointed less, and there's less 1 point cards in general. There is a large watchlist based on the changes that differ from the original list, so we know what to keep our eye on in the future.

Current List

Current points list as of May 4th, 2024.

4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

1 Point


Why Curate a Different List?

Well, my friend group consists of fairly casual players with smaller collections than most entrenched players. We mostly just end up building fun and powerful decks rather than competitive and tuned powerful decks. As such, there's a bit more "honesty" in our lists, meaning we don't like to build the most busted jank unless it's for a joke or just to build it once and see what it's like to play (and then subsequently break it down because it's too powerful). As such, we can get away with lower-pointed cards, since we're usually using the old and busted cards to play some draft chaff and cards that we make do with since we all can't afford to keep buying $20 cards (which adds up after a while). Also, combo isn't very prevalent in our "meta", so having more laxed points means more fun playing with powerful cards.


My friend and I will likely meet about our points list quarterly or so and see if there's anything we'd like to fix. If there are any updates, I'll be sure to update them here and announce it on the front page of my website.