kenizl86 dot com


Hey! I’m so glad you want to get to know a little more about me and my little slice of the internet. My piece of the pie as it were, which is probably some weird mint-apple-blueberry cobbler mess that falls all apart on your plate when you slice it.......

Anywho! Who is me? Well, as me stated in the main page, I’m Kenny! Hello! My full name is Kenneth Emond II. I have many projects I’ve put my name on, so if you see kenizl86 out in the wild it’s most definitely me!

By the way, here’s some fun facts:

One of the lots of things that I am currently pursuing is writing, so hopefully those will be rolling in soon, once I finish ironing out my timetables for taking over the world.

Why that silly handle?

My internet handle was made back when I was… hm… 12? Younger? There was a dude at a summer camp I went to whose name I’ve forgotten that went by a nickname that just added -izl to then end of his regular name (like Lennizl or something), and as a 12 year old dork I thought that was the coolest shizzle ever (see what I did there?). So that first part is my nickname+izl. Now I can hear you asking “what’s with the 86?" and to that it’s a simple answer. It’s the agent number of the greatest spy to ever live: Maxwell Smart, Agent 86!

Now you know my the origins of my silly nickname! I use kenizl86 on accounts instead of my name because my name is oddly enough not super unique, but kenizl86 is, and so it's easy to have a consistent "name" that way.

"But" I can hear you asking, "why would youput your real name online and risk your biscuit for the brisket?" Here’s the thing; I’m not concerned about using my real name online because:

Yes, privacy is a big concern these days. However, it’s more important to choose what you share online and who you share it with. This is my personal website, my place where I plan to coalesce all of my projects and works online to create a sort of digital resume. It’s important to establish some credibility online, but more important to do so while still choosing what to tell who. Anyway, rant over now.

There are two things that are probably very obvious about me that you’ve most likely picked up on: I tend to be silly, and I also ramble and say way too many words, as is my right. According to other websites: my words could have been short, concise and wouldn’t have led you on with more sillynes. But you know what? Phooey on that. I’m gonna make my website however I want dangit! This is my mint-apple-blueberry cobbler-pie!!! MINE! I am the WEBMASTER. It is my right.

Speaking of…

Why a website?

Well, I could be all philosophical and say:

“the reasons are many and varied” – a smart philosophical man

But honestly it’s simply because I’ve tried off and on over the years to create my own website and in Feb 2022 I was so inspired by other people’s personal websites and the idea of the “Small Web” that I decided it was the time to finally do one. And then I did. And it was GLORIOUS.

I’m also not on social media in any significant way (except only slightly on the Yesterweb Mastodon instance), so I thought it might be cool to have a website I could direct people to, and maybe even meet some new people! I’ve never really had internet friends before, but I’d love to get to know some! Like you! You’re an internet friend just by reading through all my dumb jokes :)

Feel like telling me how cool, awesome, inspiring, witty, popular, and overall-amazing this website is or want to be an internet friend? Hit me up at:

webmaster at kenizl86 dot com

Want to be super-secret like spies? You can find my public key for the above email address here.

Btw, if you want to know more about how I physically built the site, you can check out this page. It’s now out-of-date as I no longer use Hugo (I used the HTML it created and made it cleaner and now write it all myself), but still useful for those who maybe could use some inspiration.