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It's a common practice among webmasters to create a link archive page, a listing of all their favorite, useful, and otherwise interesting hyperlinks. Following in that age-old tradition, I figured I'd make my own! This will steadily grow as I accumulate more resources, but it's quite possible this page may quickly evolve (or devolve perhaps?) into a large enough archive that I may need to create a TOC (that's Table of Contents for all you de-lingo'd-ists out there) for faster reference.

My Stuff

Here's some links to places you can find me, kenizl86 on the internet.

Personal Websites

I define personal websites as anything lovingly made and crafted by one person, usually as a hobby and which is typically a blog or geared towards a specific purpose. Listed here are ones that I think are: interesting, cool, weird, or noteworthy.