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'Quickies' are like little mini-blogs, my own personal Twitter if you will. Some thoughts only need a small paragraph, while others need a full project, page, or essay. What differentiates these from something like Twitter? Well, I'm not pooping out a continuous stream of thought. Usually these will be short little excerpts of things like research I'm doing or little nuggets of wisdom or stupidity. ENJOY!


4 May, 2024 — Recently had to adjust my buying limits for MTG cards. Used to be: "anything under $30 I'll buy, if it's over that I'll have to have good reason to buy it, over $40 is a proxy". Now it's "under $20 is fine, over $20 is a proxy". The economy right now is not super great and spending a lot of money on cardboard can be tough. Sigh... such are the woes of card-gamers.


28 Nov, 2023 — It's been quite a while since I've done much (publicly) with the site, but I'm glad I still work on this from time-to-time. Shout out to Makizl who will never-EVER live that dumb nickname down, and who has graced this website with a few hearty chuckles. Long live dank nicknames!

12 Jun, 2023 — I am continually perplexed by the sheer ignorance of the average layman on simple computational knowledge and skill. The complete lack of computer literacy baffles me. Why, after almost 50 years since the computer revolution, do people still not understand the basic workings of things such as: file and folder structures, networking, and the concept of abstract constructs? Look, I get it. Computers can be complicated, but it surprises me that most people have not taken the time to learn these simple concepts. Que serra I guess.

31 May, 2023 — For a while now (on and off the past 10 years or more maybe) I've been fascinated by the idea of a multi-user timeshared operating system where users access the system remotely from dumb terminals (or serial terminals). It's such a neat idea. Maybe one day I'll be able to realize my dream. It would be pretty awesome to run all of my home computers that way, it would make managing the system so much easier.

8 May, 2023 — Why? WHY?!? Please, STOP PUTTING PERMANENT STICKERS ON BOOKS. Books are made form paper, and glue will destroy paper when removal is attempted unless it is a mild adhesive. So please, if you must put a damn sticker on a book, use light adhesive. I BEG OF YOU. Now I can't enjoy this book in it's full glory becuase of some idiot who put a sticker slap bang over the author's name:

a sticker on the spine of a mass market paperback version of Neuromancer

27 Apr, 2023 — Wow, apparently it's near impossible to find an old version of MTG's comprehensive rules. I even tried looking for old rulebooks for sale, no luck. I'm trying to find the rules as they were before the massive Magic 2010 rules update, so from around Tenth Edition or so (cir. 2009). Only thing I found so far was this. Come on man, I just want to play with damage on the stack and mana burn!